a tale of my day

actually i dont have any idea what tilte should i give for my new entry.. XD yesterday was my bad day.. why? coz jaja my bro gf sleep at my house, so i need to watch them.. my bro just like a small kid.. he still need my attention.. hmmm.. then need to go for work.. then i need to key in invoice, write it back.. and do cleaness.. also all psa all by myself.. actually we should do it by 2 person.. since my silly boss late for 3HOURS.. i do it all bymysef.. and cant have any ice cream..

actually i dont wanna speak wif him till next year.. but cant do that.. since hes so silllllyy.. i found it interesting.. XD but my stupid bro said, do u fall in love wif that guy? of coz no! i found everyone got their interesting side.. like aziz.. his laugh make my stomach pain.. XD why? well ask him to laugh then only u know... XD

hey!! forgot to tell this news.. i buy new hp.. XD xperia.. chiyachan~~ kulochan~~ cant wait to see both of u.. eh... did chiyachan see my phone b4 this? the one i use b4...? aiya.. i think she missed out my blue phone..

hmmm... a tale that i wish.. i wish my life just like disney princess.. why? coz they got cute face, they just too beautiful, gorgeous... and the way i wish for... everyone love them and they wear whatever they want... TT^TT im just too afraid wif what people might think bout me... maybe i should find my prince soon.. so then im d only princess in his heart. not like yan and others guy... got too many admire.. hate it..


Kazumi Imaizumi said...

said .... ONLY.. :p

chiyo ♫ shiro (Admin) said...

what only? cant understand it..

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