tired but fun day..

hehe.. wanna know? well.. xmo ckp bi.. penat la speaking too much... yea.. coz just now ade customer maid yang cant speak bm at all.. and keep asking in bi... then she ask me.. how is meehoon looks like? haha.. aiya.. i guess shes from vietnam.. or maybe kemboja.. but she got good english..

hari ni kena masuk kerja 2pm.. but chi sampai awal.. 1.30.. hehe.. tolong aziz n kak suzy..well.. macam2 aktiviti ada.. seronok gak la.. then kak suzy cakap, amik je aziz jadi abg angkat.. erk.. hehe.. boleh je.. but fikir dulu...

then boss!!! aziz.. if u hit him 2times for me.. i take ur words.. u can b my bro.. hehe.. why? coz he wink at me.. hey!! i take it serious as all know actually im too shy and cant speak wif any boy.. but yan change me a lot..from can speak to more cheerful.. but im still wish i didnt meet any schoolmate. coz maybe my illness will back..

hehe.. da la.. jaja dah lapar tu.. she wait for me now.. adios amigas.. XD oyasuminasai~~ jaa~~


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