time that pass by..

why its take too long for me to walk again like before? i know this is my last week to walk around.. after this cant walk too much... but i wish im not one of d DN.. why? for what im being DN in my own.. ill take cae d cat all by myself... and i still got other thing to do.. wif my bro that keep scolding me for his fault.. but im still lend him money.. i dont know what all of them want... so please stop contact me if u try to hurt me more.. i dont care if u dont want me anymore... thats why i dont want all of them know where im moved... but my stupid bro told them.. everything ruin and hurt me!!!!!

hmmm..  im not sure what happen next... what happen if im blind? its not funny.. before this im almost blind.. and this viral fever make me dizzy,,, and i cant walk!! my leg.. what happen? its too hurt.. sorry boss.. cant told u now.. not d right time.. ^__^ once it happen, then only i told u... boss!! sorry for making u sad yesterday... but why its hard to say sorry? ok3.. now im say sorry...


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