Bad news

someone just scold me yesterday morning...coz he make a song for me n my friend..but then i tag haziq.. yea coz he used to hear my story.. anything, everything... actually many things happen.. sum1 scold me coz i click like on their fb like button... =__=

then i got news.. my aunt.. the most i love n care.. back to our creator... really sad for her kids... kembar n nana.. well.. nana sat wif me until everyone tought that im her sister... but it doesnt matter coz i love her so much... she just too small to understand it.. and they didnt sad at all.. coz all this while.. their mom live in hosp.. so usually villagers took care of them..

but i feel awkward coz... suddenly i remind the song that i wrote.. it same.. im not sure what thats mean... but im just too worried if... forget it.. should not think negatively...then were going for burial ceremony... but i dint go to the graveyard.. my mom didnt allowed me.. so i just take care of nana.. coz she only keep screaming n want to b wif me.. lucky her dad didnt say anything.. phew,.. then at night just reach home.. didnt have anything to do.. so i just type sg to abg azzam.. he just knew my num.. =p


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