blackmailing chat..

help.. someone try to intimidate me.. XD i know sound silly.. but ali threat me wif my blog link... of coz i must do sumthing.. because he was trying to tell Haziq Haniff what I always write bout him.. feels so... <EMBARASSED>

plus im realized that im not suited with him... that sentence not heartbroken words... just i know im not a cute girl like what he wish.. my face just too matured for him.. he just looks like a kid.. seriously, first time i saw him.. i wonder how old he is.. are we at the same age or 19 or maybe 20...? but then he said im 22.. =___= 

haha.. many things happen... forget it.. dont want to mess my head wif YOU! heee.. still cant stop smiling when u vividly emblazoned in my mind... =3

hey this is our secret.. once u read this.. just put your forefingerat ur mouth.. or u may bite it if u really wish to tell him.. haha..


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