hang out wif my bff n rest

didnt have idea where should i start... plus just wake up... nyaaa =3

hmmm.. actually i should wake up at 10.00a.m. but since cant sleep last night so i woke up late.. 10.20.. and i should b done by 10.45.. hey it wasnt my intention at all... im just cant sleep n only sleep at 7++ in the mornink... but nevermind.. still done by time... =P

then me, wif Ai, Sam n Shah go for a karaoke.. yeah.. finally can shout as loud as i want.. scream like no one will hear my voice... plus its fun when me n shah dance like bimbo girl..haha... yeah, that time we sing aqua - barbie girl...then lenka.. also long time didnt sing it.. wish got more time wif them.. coz they will futher study.. n leave me.. well sam just like me.. we wouldnt but, still she can go out (only allowed on sunday).. really love them...

then.. at 2.30 were waiting for 2 more friends.. then only shopping time.. they bought shawl and inner.. also pin.. but i dont know what should i buy.. i admire at white ruffle dress... but didnt have any money.. just got rm60.. TT~TT

actually me, ai n sam got gastric that time.. im almost faint.. but try not to show it cuz sam feel sick too.. worried bout her.. shah im not sure.. she didnt say anything... then were going for pizza... pizza here i come.. i love free food.. hehe... thanks illyani... then add on strawberry ice cream.. b4 back were going to bookstore... im not buy anything seem i need to save money.. but when shah ask me to accompany her 4 mcD ice cream.. just cant say no.. coz im go for ice cream one more time.. :P

but then they condemn me... they said... "hari2 mkn aiskrim tp xgmok2.. xpaham btol" mean everyday u eat ice cream but not obese... they just cant understand why... dont they noticed that im more chubby than the last day i met them? huhu.. but we got so much happy time today... especially when im get jealous wif sam.. she looks cute after make over her shawl.. hehe.. of coz im the one who create suitable fashion for her...

too long to write every single thing.. so just wanna say... have a nice day... plus dont read if u hate me.. =P


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