haziq haniff pnye story

haha.. well from the title, every one can guess my story for today.. well i know him when im still work wif McD.. plus im always make stupid thing at there.. haha.. clumsy type.. first time i work wif him, hes my runner and im his presenter.. bout him? org perak.. then now work at hospital ape entah, and part time at mcD.. then he want to b nurse,, why? coz he really admire his mom.. his name got tripleH.. haha.. he always said not that man wif ***** but i love to call him triple H coz he call me pikachu

when he ask my name, he said he gonna call me pika, but then until now he use aku kau wif me.. adoi.. me? errr... i used kita kau la.. haha..well not bout that actually.. its bout, just now i tell him, he make me remember bout takiya.. he ask me to forget bout takiya.. but how can i forget takiya if he just like takiya. then he ask why i said like that.. haha

i said. "everytime you online, i think bout him.. when ur not online, im waiting.. and i always search for his name whether he online or not" so he said.. really?... i guess he take wrong mecine for today.. so i just said didnt u noticed i always pop up when hes online.. that mean im always waiting for him.. but then he just said, terharunya aku,.. sengal! said sumthng yg best xbleh ke?


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