gloomy nite

should i said it as nite? now 4:52a.m. mean morning.. cant sleep plus just feel like.. how useless i am.. tired using english.. now im going to learn bm... yesterday i teach my bestie english.. seems everything going smooth.. but later.. everything change.. everything bout religion.. where they fought bout their right..

im too worried bout all of them.. but they never knew.. even we just met.. that doesnt meant i hate them. actually in this few weeka.. many things happen n open my eyes to see others world. im not the unlucky one.. actually im lucky coz get more experience than other who same age.

last week me n my bestie just had a little fought where all of that cause from my silly act..well.. now we back as friend.. love her so much.. then i hangout wif my other bestie.. ai seemshappy,.. maybe coz she free now.. she just resigned from mcD..

then i got many new friend.. like mida, abg azzam, abg yusuf.. but then.. tonite (mornink already la) everyone moody.. so i just feel like.. maybe i should join them.. delete my facebook account.. but then what should i do? hmmm.. just know them.. how can i let them go? feel miserable now

haziq haniff... i wish u were here.. lend me ur ear.. ur shoulder.. TT~TT

i just can stand within all of this.. i wish i know what i should do.. but now im trap on my own world.. im not sure who will b wif me until my last day.. mom.. i love u..u always make me laugh... granny.. love u too.. thanks for take care of me.. grandad.. thanks for help us.. my bro who always protect me. and daneko's.. u always in my heart.. dont worry.. ill b wif u until my last day... never say goodbye coz im always b wif u..

and not 4get my secret lover.. im always hope one day ill met u.. which u not my friend or admire.. but my beloved husband.. ^__^ im not the old chi anymore... since many things happen.. it changes me a lot.. maybe this is the beginning..


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