stop thinking bout him and her!

i cant stop thinking bout him..This feeling is very suffocating my mind... kyaaa... he wont look at u, so just stop chasing his shadow.. hes happy now while im... still in the dark shadows... stop thinking bout him and I will b the most happiest person in the world... is it hard? just like others said.. its not my fault, just me myself cant accept it.. its not bcoz im not as beautiful as HER, not as cute as HER.. but its bout his heart... i cant force him to love me just like i love him.. i should remember.. kinds ofhuman love will never remain like the love of the creator.. 

Takiya!! i already trying to forget u, but still i cant.. when i hear mp3, i remember u, when im watching i remmber u.. then when im online.. i always search ur name.. but ill never see it anymore coz.. i already unfriend wif u.. ill try to said.. haziqq is better than u.. but then he make me remember bout u.. sum1 who just workaholic type.... always make others smile... why both of u got many common? stop bout u and him.. 

eh got one more.. i got nightmare actually, but now i think i did sumthng wrong in my dream.. i always dream bout that house, clear river beside the house.. and neighborhood.. but not the same story.. i dreamt bout a girl wif short hair. she so cute and just like my attitude. we play together every single day that im trapped in that old mansion. she got brothers.. not bout that actually, just i dream bout one night, in that mansion got two bathroom that built adjacent,the problem is.. her brother keep saying that mansion blackout, and ask us to get candle. but we kept scolding him coz he switch off the light and light a candle.

he said, im not.. cant both of u see what happen here? theres no there is no electricity and both of us going to toilet. do not blast the candle.. both of us feel so scare so we wait them in front of the toilet.. but then she going to the toilet too.. and suddenly i noticed.. theres got 3 toilets.. what happen? then i shout to her.. anything weird? she just said nothing, im okay.. but then i saw one more toilet.. now got 4... so I kicked the toilet door and pulled her hand. but after that i heard that they said that house was haunted for a long time.. and i saw everyone seem so scared wif her brothers.. but then they look at me, all villagers said.. hey, thats girl wif girl spirit.. then i just ran away and she keep crying.. and one old lady keep saying, shes waiting for me for a long time, and i know u will help her one day... 

now im felt very guilty.. maybe thats what that old lady trying to tell me, feel guilty coz didnt ask her what happen.. plus im not the old chi... who can see many thing, others world...i just cant go to that world again.. so how can i help her? maybe thats the girl who always follow me before this.. restless spirit.. 

i met her when im in form4.. i still remember her.. she the one who always look me from the corners of the dorm.. everyone in that school fear, eery wif her.. but im not coz we have a lot in common.. everyone keep saying am i still alive coz my body just like a dead bodies.. but they never see my real attitudes which i can get mad, be irritated... the just see my good point.. first time my classmates meet me, they keep asking if im really can see things like that, so i just say.. look at there.. if u see a girl standing on the roof, that mean i cant, if u dont see it, thats mean yes..

they keep searching but cant see anything.. of coz they wont see it.. how come a girl  can stand at 4th roof.. i really miss that time.. which even i scared, but never feel alone.. i know we should not b friendly wif them.. but they just need my help.. and as long as i help them.. they would never disturb me anymore... 

hey takiya.. why did u go when im in love u? i wish u were my beloved one.. but now im alone.. there no more happiness in my life..theres nothing when i woke up.. no call from u.. messages.. email.. im waiting for u.. i wish u were here now.. and ill say what u really wanna hear from me since ur first time look at me.. I love you.. u always said that u love me,.. and u wish that ill be ur bride.. but now.. u in love wif others.. and my tears not like before.. it changes into tears of blood.. since u left me.. and now.. im always sick coz remember bout u! why im too stupid? theres many other guy who  wish to b wif me.. but still im waiting for u...

i cant stop thinking of u.. and haziq, he just look like you..his attitude just like u... im sorry that i cant forget you.. its not what i want.. i just cant control my feeling toward u.. i wish that u still mine, and will always be mine...sorry DN's i cant forget him until now.. ill try to forget u and think haziq better than u! eventhough u got similarity wif him, maybe hes more good than u..


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