S M S (save my soul)

i could not bear it anymore... yesterday me n my bro fought bout missing items n how tired i am for manage our house.. then they keep saying all my fault.. so i make stupid decission again.. ai pick me n try to pursue me.. but on the way to yani house.. were cancel our plan.. coz got canopy tent and then we saw..... JAM... ughh.. wif my face like that.. met up wif that guy.. where should i put my face? dig a ground... dug a ground... (crazy)

then dont know where to go.. so just sleep at ai house... she keep tell me bout what should i do n what should i think if sumthng like that happen... feel more calm and relaxed after listening her words... around me got 7 devil... but around a devil.. got 7 angels.. so around us got 49 angels.. but yet.. still cant escape from sin... haha..

then i just got new determination.. but then.. after what happen this night.. it change me again.. my cat.. its nearing death.. n i cant do anything for him (my cat) i just hope nothing bad happen.. if sumthng happen thats mean.. all bcoz of that stupid oldman.. crazy/... i saw what that old man do to him.. dont think im stupid plus u dontr have anything.. and all that mine.. remember every single item in that house not from ur effort but my dad n my mom!!!

i dont care bout money or people like u.. plus never say that all animal just nothing.. coz they just like my family.. dont u ever dare to harm them or ill make u suffer...


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