last night.. really tired for me.. feel like going to faint...why? actually after ali offline, abg hasz and abg yusuf feel asleep too.. so i thought thats the end of my last night story.. but suddenly that stupid silly police pop up.. im not saying that i hate him..just everytime he chat wif me.. he will ask me out for a date.. i just cant understand how come he can steal my record at police station.. absolutely im not going out with him.. i hate his word and his action! thats the first and last time we go for a walk. only 1hour i think.. coz he keep saying same thing.. sumthing that i probably should not mention in this public page..

forget bout him, plus better think bout my slow prince.. haha.. HH~ you just too slow to understand it.. takkan la chi nak jadi perigi cari timba yang hilang.. plus in modern time, modern era.. where should i find the bucket? even well cant b seen.. but strange, ur not handsome at all.. but still im enamored wif you maybe coz ur scars or maybe coz ur eyes... XD hey, be mine please... XP

ali dah on9... haha, he said best.. so my secret safe for now..  banyak sangat chi merapu.. bukan sebab ikan kerapu taw.. tapi sebab dah seronok nak menaip... so my life as typewriter machine just start... hohoho.. kedek-kedek.. eeh.. ayah tak payah la sebut kedek-kedek tu.. =P

agaknya apa lah semua orang tengah buat sekarang ek? diorang tak macam chi.. rajin belajar.. me study? of coz sleep is better.. haha.. takbur sungguh diriku.. insaf jap.. nak taip lagi sebenarnya, tapi malam nanti la ye? sekarang mood starving.. mummy, im hungry... wait for me kitchen.. hohoho.. where the utensil? 


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