2days holidays,...

hmm..really hate when others didnt get what we try to tell them...lucky sam ask why i said sorry...so just let boss and sam know what happen to me.. ihang out wif yan at first day.. (2 days b4).. and yesterday we hangout again..(hey!! keyboard so sengal) and wif his friend and his sis... yan ask me to wear a skirt or short pants... he said i might regret if i dcint wear it... then i understand... his sis wear short leggings... =___=" she doesnt seem like malay..so nothing 2 b worried... then yan act like he was arguing wif his friend as i and miss J didnt want to drive their car...

we start to scare...and i send msg to yan that im scare... he said, bising! how dare him.. then im start sulking... and then we go to KTV.,.. lucky!! KTV off soon we arrived.. hehe... so i didnt have to sing infront of him.. then i didnt talk to him till our hindustan movies... errr..i sit beside his friend and ignore him.. then he run away to the road... and soon dissapear... when im ran after him.. he run to me... he said sorry and really worried when im start to cross road,.hmm... we back to normal.. oh yea...my head... kepala dah bengkak coz terhantuk bumbung kereta... as xperasan bonggol... ye la..mana taknya..his friend drive around 160-180km/h... so crazy la that guy...

hmm.. actually feel jealous wif missJ... wlaupwn dia dah cakap, he got nothing wif her... so worried..TT~TT sorry miss J...

time that pass by..

why its take too long for me to walk again like before? i know this is my last week to walk around.. after this cant walk too much... but i wish im not one of d DN.. why? for what im being DN in my own.. ill take cae d cat all by myself... and i still got other thing to do.. wif my bro that keep scolding me for his fault.. but im still lend him money.. i dont know what all of them want... so please stop contact me if u try to hurt me more.. i dont care if u dont want me anymore... thats why i dont want all of them know where im moved... but my stupid bro told them.. everything ruin and hurt me!!!!!

hmmm..  im not sure what happen next... what happen if im blind? its not funny.. before this im almost blind.. and this viral fever make me dizzy,,, and i cant walk!! my leg.. what happen? its too hurt.. sorry boss.. cant told u now.. not d right time.. ^__^ once it happen, then only i told u... boss!! sorry for making u sad yesterday... but why its hard to say sorry? ok3.. now im say sorry...

really hate this kind of feeling.

i hate this feeling... i try to free my scheduled for my friend that i always said BFF but they cant free it for me.. and for how long i type this.. everything deleted by it owns!! im gonna smash this lappy if this is mine.. lucky i borrow it from my bro.. they never think bout me..why did el told me they back.. it smash my heart.. its ok.. i wont ask them to meet me anymore.. i wish kak ain still work wif us.. but what can i do.. its all my fault.. i should think and find idea how can she stay here. but i didnt do anything to protect her... hope aziz n boss wont leave me like she does.. TT~TT i didnt have any friend except kak ain, aboy boss n aziz.. mida MIA too..

in my condtion i didnt think it might recover soon.. mayb take a  month.. or mayb a year like b.. hope they didnt send me to that hospital.. tired of being sick.. and boss promise once i recover he will treat an ice cream.. but aybe i cnt walk at that time.,. they try to ecover my leg. but nothin happen.. i can recover it myself.. but for how long? only for 2hours.. then it back.. huh.. am i gonna lost my memories? if that so.. my last wish. i hope i can still smile that time.. and dont u ever told me bout my sad past,,,

hmm.. really tired.. boss!! can we had an ice cream?? i know im stll in fever mood.. but i really wanna eat ice cream.. then we go for pasta please??? TT~TT tired of waiting for pasta.. i really wanna eat pasta.. if i didnt get it now.. i wish im not here anymore... its really make me tooooooooo tired.. can i sleep? i cant breathe.. maybe too pressure.. but boss wont allow me to.. he said, if u wanna faint.. then faint in front of me.. =__= then how can i faint? i dont wanna faint anymore especially infront of both of them.. sorry.. type later.. tired.. dont want to loose my file again

tired but fun day..

hehe.. wanna know? well.. xmo ckp bi.. penat la speaking too much... yea.. coz just now ade customer maid yang cant speak bm at all.. and keep asking in bi... then she ask me.. how is meehoon looks like? haha.. aiya.. i guess shes from vietnam.. or maybe kemboja.. but she got good english..

hari ni kena masuk kerja 2pm.. but chi sampai awal.. 1.30.. hehe.. tolong aziz n kak suzy..well.. macam2 aktiviti ada.. seronok gak la.. then kak suzy cakap, amik je aziz jadi abg angkat.. erk.. hehe.. boleh je.. but fikir dulu...

then boss!!! aziz.. if u hit him 2times for me.. i take ur words.. u can b my bro.. hehe.. why? coz he wink at me.. hey!! i take it serious as all know actually im too shy and cant speak wif any boy.. but yan change me a lot..from can speak to more cheerful.. but im still wish i didnt meet any schoolmate. coz maybe my illness will back..

hehe.. da la.. jaja dah lapar tu.. she wait for me now.. adios amigas.. XD oyasuminasai~~ jaa~~

a day wif el chan~~

hmm.. actually i've been attacked by fever... hmmm.. so im on leave today.. and i should visit my grandma.. since  elchan here, so i didnt back to my grandma home first.. hmm we didnt go anywhere.. just around there.. el chan looks different.. (tudung dia makin labuh) =___=" i keep calling her ustazah.. and i use wrong words to call mysef... hiya.. since hen im using my own name!!!

hmmm.. but really dizzy.. cant think anythng.. really have headache now.. better get goin now.. papai~~

a tale of my day

actually i dont have any idea what tilte should i give for my new entry.. XD yesterday was my bad day.. why? coz jaja my bro gf sleep at my house, so i need to watch them.. my bro just like a small kid.. he still need my attention.. hmmm.. then need to go for work.. then i need to key in invoice, write it back.. and do cleaness.. also all psa all by myself.. actually we should do it by 2 person.. since my silly boss late for 3HOURS.. i do it all bymysef.. and cant have any ice cream..

actually i dont wanna speak wif him till next year.. but cant do that.. since hes so silllllyy.. i found it interesting.. XD but my stupid bro said, do u fall in love wif that guy? of coz no! i found everyone got their interesting side.. like aziz.. his laugh make my stomach pain.. XD why? well ask him to laugh then only u know... XD

hey!! forgot to tell this news.. i buy new hp.. XD xperia.. chiyachan~~ kulochan~~ cant wait to see both of u.. eh... did chiyachan see my phone b4 this? the one i use b4...? aiya.. i think she missed out my blue phone..

hmmm... a tale that i wish.. i wish my life just like disney princess.. why? coz they got cute face, they just too beautiful, gorgeous... and the way i wish for... everyone love them and they wear whatever they want... TT^TT im just too afraid wif what people might think bout me... maybe i should find my prince soon.. so then im d only princess in his heart. not like yan and others guy... got too many admire.. hate it..

boss sengal..

today im not gonna write about myself.. XD but bout my boss.. silly guy, he stalk my blog... how dare he do that... hmm.. b4 this he scared me wif insect.. and of coz like usual.. sulking is my hobby... he said hard to convince me... haha... now who is d boss.. errrr... (tak boleh tulis lebih2.. nanti dia marah)

then he switched off d light when im still in toilet.. haiya.. im still afraid of the dark.. hmmm.. sumtimes i feel like chu is alive.. why? coz boss just like chu.. but chu version naughty guy. XD yaa.. chu more gentle.. although he always make me sick wif his i love u word.. =__= boss different way.. he wink and that make me remember chu.. XD wanna laugh but at d same time feel scared.. dont know why..

but they got equality.. both care bout others.. im telling d truth.. hmmm.. this mornink he send me msg wake up.. time to work.. then i told aziz.. he said.. why didnt he get any msg.. XD aziz touching.. haha..

help me!!!

errr.. hehe.. unique isnt it? what? i mean the title unique.. not the one who read this text.. xP hehe.. well.. today.. work wif boss n aziz.. many things happen.. 1st, b4 going down, i saw baad mom.. she said, "hai makwe, pergi kerja ke.." haiya.. this is d 2nd time she call me makwe.. then after our manager back me n aziz searching 4 sumthng.. hmmm... what? when u hungry u will search this.. XD hehe..

but they promise me, they will take me for pasta.. XD cant wait.. really miss d taste of pasta... errr.. but not everything going smooth n manageable like sunsilk yoko yamashita.. one of our workers said got sumtng on my head... then know what.. its a bug.. at first i just throw it and shout silently... but boss.. he take it and gave it to me.. so i scream aloud and cried at d moment... huhu.. chiya!!! help me.. i feel kinda scared as it remind me bout that thing.. i killed it 10 times.. but its still alive n hunting me.. and this thing will hunt me.. i know.. TT^TT

 also got funny story.. not so funny but feel like.. aww gosh.. he made it.. XD abg burger.. im not ordering yet.. that time i go wif ain.. then sddenly he said, burger benjo cheese xnak sayur + tomato.. gosh.. he really gonna get from me.. just choose right or left.. =P but still got wrong.. if b salad.. now he gave me chilli sauce not d tomatoes.. ok la.. time 4 gamee...eee...eee... (eeeee  fever)


ERRR... why sound like that? huhu.. actually boss and aziz read my entry.. how did i know? yesterday.... aziz send me a msg.. he ask.. "xde cerita aku ke?" haha... welll no comment.. hehe... actually i wrote it.. just not much as bosss... all they're fault.. when i ak for a pasta.. one of them said.. im on date now.. how dare he go for a date while im suffering with my habit... i waaaaannntt it soooo much (=oo=)

hmmm... now im not at home... why? coz my manager said, "ika, ur not allowed to go back till boss ask u to.. why? coz actually im the one who should ot.. then we ask boss... so he said, he will if i stay if him.. now im trapped at there... why im the one who trapped in my own request? chiya!!! chibi!!! help meee..... huk3... wanna go back... miss all of u alot.. they try to bullying me..

what else? hmmm.... haaa!! remember now... today our store get free cadbury.. XD errr... dont have much time.. need to go back to my boss.. XD here i come... silap.. back eh? hehe..

hard to understand others...

errr... dont kow what title i should put up there.. XD well.. start our story.. first yan keep controlling me and always accuse me... he said i got many bf now.. and he doesnt believe me like he used 2.. sumtimes feel soooo annoying.

then one of my acquaintance.. 2 days in row he came at my workplace and ask whether i want to hangout wif him or not.. hmm.. ombak rindu.. and i dont know what he said to my little friend till he really want to go and ask me to follow them... =__=" worried now.. since i dont wanna out wif him... maybe my litte friend will get mad at me.. hope noothing bad happen.. ain and boss said i shouldnt go out wif him.. but pity for him.. he gave all his effort just to ask me for a movie.. but now.. TT~TT

hmmm.. then ho else? yea.. boss.. hehe.. hes not my boss actually.. just i like to call him boss.. he just like my bro.. but maybe a kind hearted brother.. XD yea... hard to find sum1 that will try to pursue u when ur about to cry and keep scolding everyone near u.. hmm... but feel bad.. everyone keep talking bout us.. they tought that were a couple since he fetch me at my house and send me back home... but thats becoz we live near... he said, just ignore all that... he doesnt care.. everyone will keep saying bout that and when they tired, they will stop.. one thing that i like bout him.. he keep sending me msg nite, sleep tight.. >////<

eh?? bout me? hmm.. im more prettier.. XD just kidding... actually our customer said i looks diffeent and looks more cute and beautiful than before... but maybe they just kiddy around.. but i like this custome.. he keep calling me japanese people.. XD errr.. dont want to write anymore.. **blushing**

canvas of love...

hey... im back for another story.. hmm... actually i fought wif my bf.. he said im cheating and all i do just play with other guy.. hey, thats soooo not true... how dare him said that.. and when i ask him to think bout what he said and he always hurt me.. then he said sorry.. so simple.. sorry to say this, but i really hate when he treat me like this... im not a robot that doesnt have any feeling and cant hurt by words.. even robot in artificial art can b hurt by words,, why not me??

hmmm.. then bout H.. remember bout him? hehe.. he call me my sweet heart.. isnt that sweet? well.. but i dont have any feeling towards him after the incident... XD but feel like, awww.. he soo cute...can i lock him in my room?? just kiddy..

erk... others than that are still not for public story... XD hmmm.... what else?hehe... now im at cc with my friend aka boss.. i told yani bout boss.. first she said shes jealous.. then when i said hes like my big bro.. so she just said.. nthg 2 b jealous.. one more.. my biological bro.. he such a problematic guy.. he keep open every link...and pooff.. got virus aka post that send link... errr.. cant said what.. >///< **blushing**

dont know what else.. so we stop here again.. well... ill try to write as much as i can and what i remember.. XD to yani.. chaiyok... ganbatte kudasai... get ur senior heart.. to kuro.. please... pick up ur phone please.. sammy.. miss u a lot.. get bf fast.. el chan.. misu anata... dont forget to invite me when ur getting engage wif that guy...

10 December...

such a long time didnt have any entry right? well.. dont worry bout me.. everything going smooth n friendly.. XD not really actually.. just my page.. sum1 try to hack it.. but everything ok now.. hmmm.. bout my work.. still ok for now.. just sumtimes feel bad.. coz always pretending to b sum1 that more matured... but sumtimes too kiddy... really hate my attitudes...

hmm.. i cut my hair... XD well... not too long n not too short.. but ain say, im not cute with this hairstyle.. but few guys said its looks better for me than the old style.. but dont know is that what they really think?? hmm.. then bout yan.. he seems doesnt care bout me... sumtimes i feel like im going to get new bf.. but sumtimes feel sorry for him...

errr... cant write much... there sum1 beside me.. my friend at my work place.. =___= ok la... write another time.. papai.. ^___^